Web development has been a passion of mine since 1997 that became my full-time job five years ago. I really enjoy the challenge that the web brings to developers and I like to keep improving and learn new technologies. I choose to specialise myself into front-end for being able to shape user interfaces based on the client needs and for being challenged by the constant amount of innovations that the front-end world is giving

  • Engineering Manager

    Mindsay - Amsterdam / Paris

    2021 - Now

    I've joined this thriving company based in Paris for a full remote postion as Engineering manager. I am leading a team of talented engineers helping the company to build their next generation product

  • Senior/Lead Frontend Developer & Scrum Master

    Storyteq B.V. - Amsterdam


    Part of the team that build maintain and improve the main products of the company. Furthermore, helping introducing Scrum methodology in the dev team and acting as Scrum Master

  • Frontend Developer (Consultancy)

    Cygni Netherlands B.V. - Amsterdam


    I've join a consultancy for working in various roles within the frontend space using VueJs, ReactJS and GraphQL technologies

  • Frontend Engineer (SaaS)

    Surfly B.V. - Amsterdam


    I am part of a team for iterating and improving a co-browsing software. My role is to handle the frontend part using VueJs

  • Frontend Developer (SaaS)

    Momice B.V. - Amsterdam

    2019 - 2020

    I am part of a freshly built team for creating the new iteration of an all-in-one event software. My role is to re-develop the frontend part using VueJs and GraphQL

  • UI Engineer (Corporation)

    Manchester Airport Group LTD - Manchester

    2018 - 2019

    I was part of a big project for migrating a massive multi-tennancy website built with Razor MVC into a new era. As part of the team I am maintening the company's websites, migrating them using CI/CD into VueJS components and NuxtJS, improving performance and updating/refactoring the existent codebase. Furthermore, I started mentoring junior developers with a pair program system.

  • Frontend Software Engineer (eCommerce)

    Missguided LTD - Manchester

    2017 - 2018

    I was part of a big team maintening the two company's websites built with Magento, reshaping them with a more up-to-date look and feel, improving their performance, introducing Webpack bundler and React components

  • Frontend Web Developer (Digital Agency)

    Shoot The Moon LTD - Manchester

    2017 - 2017

    Maintenance and development of the frontend part of various websites with or without CMS. Develop, refinement and management of the automated development environment (Gulp, GIT, Webpack, browsersynch, etc), of RESTful APIs between Wordpress and other services such as OpenWeather and social networks. Specialisation in Frontend Development and UX experience.

  • Software Developer (eCommerce)

    Galt One LTD - London

    2015 - 2017

    Maintenance and development of e-commerce websites. My role covers all aspect of development new websites based in Magento and Wordpress. From the creation of the development environment to the release in production. I am specialized in Front end development but I work on the backend too. We use code versioning and I am coordinating in-house and external developers to merge the code into the final product.

  • Freelance Web Developer

    Freelance - London

    2014 - 2015

    The beginning of my developer career. A freelance role that allowed me to develop projects from the wireframe to the production code. Managing clients and their expectations. Work independently and with tight deadlines.

  • Developer for hobby

    Freelance - Venice

    1997 - 2013

    Since I've been gifted my first PC in 1997, I've passion and curiosity for web related technology. I've played around with some of the most ancient tools for webdesign like Adobe FireWorks, Microsoft Frontpage, Apple iWeb, Macromedia Dreamweaver and learnt web standards from HTML 3.2 / CSS (1)