eCommerce Website with React Hooks and ContextAPI

POC with React using ContextAPI and Hooks for an eCommerce platform

Simple Next.js website

POC with Next.js and Vercel for practicing with Next.js

Simple Vue 3 and Firebase blog

POC with Vue 3 and Firebase for practicing with Vue 3

eCommerce Website with React and Redux

POC with React and Redux for an eCommerce platform

Simple Homapge Netflix clone

Netflix clone with React Hooks

Copy text on click with JS

Copy on click some hex value on colored swatches using vanilla JS.

How to create simple tabs system with VueJS

Easy way to build a simple tab system using VueJS.

Automatically switch text color based on background's brightness

quick example of how you can programmatically change text color, for example of a button, based on the element's background color.

How to create animated multicolour border on element

a quick example of how you can create an animated multi colour border effect to you element using CSS only