Hi, I'm Marco,

I am a passionate frontend developer and mentor based in Amsterdam. I am originally from Venice and I love to work with JavaScript, CSS and everything around user interfaces. I am using daily VueJS, GraphQL and Sass for a wonderful company in the southeast of Amsterdam. I've started my career with HTML 3.0, CSS(1) and FireWorks. My goal is to build clean, performant and accessible user interfaces where the right user experience is a focal point. My job is also my passion and, therefore, seeking out new technologies and stay up-to-date on industry trends and advancements is more a pleasure than a duty. Helping trainee and Junior developers to grow and learn is a major part of my job and my personal mission.

Latest from blog

How to create simple tabs system with VueJS

August 6, 2019·1 min read
Today I want to share with you and easy way to build a simple tab system using VueJS.

How to create animated multicolour border on element

July 19, 2019·2 min read
Here a quick example of how you can create an animated multi colour border effect to you element using CSS only