Hi, I'm Marco,


Marco Poletto

Engineering Manager

Hi, I'm Marco, Engineering Manager and a Lead developer with experience building and managing product-focussed teams. My tasks include handling the engineering team in delivering on time and with quality code, helping them grow in their role and guiding them towards their career goals. As a developer, I work extensively with JavaScript front and back (Vue, React and node) and other modern technologies (SCSS, GraphQL, NoSQL DBs, CD/CI, unit and e2e testing, development experience, etc.).

Mentoring and teaching developers to grow and learn is a big part of my job and personal mission. Furthermore, I like seeking out new technologies and staying up-to-date on industry trends and advancements. In addition to my roles as a front-end and engineering manager, I have often served as a Scrum Master, helping companies introduce an agile methodology or improve the existing one.